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    How to Buy Kitten Toys

    Articlegeneral cat adviceThursday 07 April 2011

    When you buy kitten toys you should be aware that not all toys appeal to all cats. Cats need to have physical and mental exercise and this guide on how to buy cat toys will give you some advice on how to choose a kitten toy. 


    Buying Cat Toys


    • If you are going to buy cat toys you will need to be careful that the toys are safe, this is particularly important if you are going to buy a kitten toy. 


    • Do not buy cat toys that have decorations which could become unstuck. Cats are curious and might try to consume their toys, all decorations should be large enough that the cat can’t swallow them. 


    • Watch the way that your cat plays. See if your cat likes to pounce, chase, stalk or roll around. This will help you decide on the sort of kitten toys to buy. 


    • Think about the size, shape, texture, sounds and smells that the cat toys make. Toys that appeal to lots of different senses are much more exciting and interesting to play with.


    • You could choose to buy toys like fishing rods so that you can play with your cat. 


    • As simple as it might seem little furry toy mice are favourites of cats because they feel so real. 


    • Cat toys also include cat furniture. Cats like to scratch, climb and perch on objects of different heights. Buying some cat furniture really is a good investment. 


    • When you buy a kitten why not consider buying two. If you get two kittens instead of one then they will play together and have lots of fun while you are away. 


    Browse more cat toys on Kitten Ads. 

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