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    How to buy an outdoor cat house?

    Articlegeneral cat adviceFriday 16 September 2011

    Cats are one of the most popular pets in the world. However, there is a big difference between outdoor and indoor cats. Except for the physical differences there is a big contrast when talking about the cats’ behaviour, reactions and lifestyle. Indoor cats are going to have definitely different reaction to the presence of other animals or cats than the cats that live outside or at least have an access to outdoor areas. Although cats in general have a strong survival instinct, the indoor cats are more likely to gets lost, scared or injured.

    If you own a cat that is an outside feline or is allow to go out whenever it wants, it likes to wander around you might need to provide your cat with some kind of outdoor shelter in case of bad weather or cold nights. Although cats’ survival instinct, curl up anywhere, you might want to spoil them a little and get a little house for them. To buy an outdoor cat house you should take into considerations your needs. Think of how many cats are going to use the house, check the space available and the weather conditions – the highest possible temperatures and the coldest ones. Remember the cat house will have to withstand also wind, rain or snow. Once you decide all the requirements your cat house has to fulfil, start your research. You can also compare forums and opinions of different cat owners. Choose a cat house designed to match also the architecture of your house! There is a wide variety of choices so you should take advantage of it. For sturdiness, the best models are ones made of cedar, though cat houses made from recycled plastics are lighter in weight and easy to clean.

    Cat houses can have different size, they can have different rooms or storeys to accommodate several cats. Some cat houses come even with bedding installed already. You can get great deals when buying everything at once though it is recommended you always look for the best for your cat. If it tends to rain a lot in your zone, you can get a weatherproofing and insulation inserts or you can invest in electric heating pads. They might be great especially for elderly cats or mums with their kittens.

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