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    How to buy a Persian Cat?

    Articlegeneral cat adviceThursday 29 September 2011

    Persian cats are one of the most popular pet cats in the world. This large and solid cats has stocky legs and large round paws. Persians rounded flat faces with small, rounded ears make them original breed. You can choose between various colours of Persian kittens: they come in a variety of colours including tabby, tortoiseshell, tabby and blue. However, before getting a Persian Cat you should first consider carefully its acquisitions and check whether you fulfill with all the care requirements. You should also learn about this beautiful cat breed. Bare in mind that pure bred Persian cats can result very expensive to buy.

    Research the Persian cat breed to get an idea of its personality and care requirements. You can read some details in our cat breed guide here. Remember that each cat breed has its own temperament, requires special treatments, grooming needs and also has specific health conditions that should be considered before purchasing. You should be able to satisfy all Persian Cat's requirements befor you decide to buy one and introduce it to your home and family.

    The first thing you might do is to contact the Persian Cats Association for lists of breeders' clubs near you, get in touch with breeders' clubs and network with Persian cat breeders. It is very important you tell the breeder that you want to purchase a cat and indicate the reason. Many of the dog breeders when asked about the Persian Cats might think you want are interested in show cat. If that's not the case you should tell them that you want a pet cat. Once you find the cat breeder that have the type of Persian cat you want to buy, arrange meetings to see its cattery and the Persian kittens it has. It is crucial you visit the cat breeder to see its facilities and get the initial interview. Make sure to get the research to check kittens for any physical health problems.

    When you are decide to buy a Persian cat from certain cat breeder, ask him/her questions. Many new Persian cats owners have questions about their feline's coat, grooming, diet, face maintenance, etc. Your cat breeder should be able to answer all your questions and resolve any doubts you might have. If it's possible get the breeder to show you how to brush and wash your Persian cat's coat or wipe the Persian's face or clean its eyes.

    Remember to obtain a pedigree card, vaccination book, proof of registration, a care book and a receipt from the breeder. The pedigree card and receipt should include the seller and buyer's signatures. For any issues you might have in the future, ask your cat breeder for its phone number to stay in touch.

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