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    How to buy a cat pillow or bed?

    Articlegeneral cat adviceFriday 16 September 2011

    Sometimes buying things for your feline might result more complicated than you expected. You should investigate a bit in order to know what you should take into consideration. Cat pillows and cat cushions can make felines baskets more comfortable. They can also be used as a cat bed.

    Many of the cat pillows are washable so you should not worry about keeping them clean and fresh. Just remember to select the pillows with the covers that come off easily. There is also a wide variety of pillows type, from the simplest ones to the luxury cat cushiness and bed. The price of the pillows and cat beds might vary greatly depending mainly on which type of fabric you choose, whereas it’s heated pillow or not etc. Be prepared to spend between £15 to even £60. To buy the cat pillow or bed that best meet your cat’s need you should investigate the different sizes and shapes of cat beds that are available. Take measurements of your cat when it sleeps, when it curls up and then you should add about 1 foot more to come up with a good size for the bed. As mentioned before, there are many fabrics used for cat pillows and it is one of the main reasons for the price. You should look for something soft and comfortable, for example fleece. You should also check the different types of fillings available. Some pillows might be filled in with foam and some are stuffed with cedar in order to keep the insects away. In the pet shop or at your veterinary clinic, they might help you to choose the right fabric and fillings. For added comfort of your cat, it is recommended to get a rounded bed stuffed with poly-fill lining so it gets adapted to your feline’s shape. 

    During the winter time it is good to think about the heated pillows and cat beds in order to keep your feline warm during the colder months. The heated cat pillows and beds have an element fixed inside to regulate the temperature automatically. If you decide to buy such pillow, remember to consult the manual before. During the summer, it is good to apply some tricks to keep your cat cooler. Placing some bean bag wrapped in the towel might help. To find out more on this topic please click here

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