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    How to buy a cat or kitten

    Articlegeneral cat adviceTuesday 20 December 2011

    Buying a cat is a big commitment so you should know what you are letting yourself in for. If you have done plenty of research then you should feel confident about owning a cat. This article will help you choosing a cat and how to go about buying a cat.

    You need to consider the following things before buying a cat or kitten.

    You need to know how to care for your cat correctly. You should research the best food for your cat and what you should give it to drink. Make sure you think about how you will socialise your cat.

    Other things to consider are how you will prepare a safe environment especially for a little kitten. Decide what veterinary care your cat will need and how much it will cost. Also decide whether you will let your cat roam or if you will have a house cat

    Buying a cat from a pet shop
    This is not the best idea in general. Lots of pet shops buy their animals from commercial breeders.

    Commercial breeders are simply multiplying animals to sell, they may not be well cared for as their only concern is making money.

    They will breed from the same male and female cats for as long as they can, this does not produce healthy kittens.

    When the pet shops buy kittens from commercial breeders they aren’t always in the best of health. There is an exception though, buying a cat from a pet shop that works with local animal shelters to help place homeless cats is a good idea. Be sure that the cat you choose has been screened properly before you buy it.

    How to buy a cat from a professional breeder
    Professional cat breeders are very selective in who they sell their kittens to. They take a lot of time and care when looking after their kittens and want them all to go to good homes.

    A professional breeders main concern is the welfare of the cat. Choosing a cat from a breeder therefore seems like a very good option.

    You will also be able to ask questions and enquire about the mother and father’s health and temperament.

    Choosing a cat from a rescue centre
    If you decide to buy cats from a rescue centre then you are to be admired. It is a great thing to do as you are giving an abused or unwanted cat a new family and a second chance at life.

    Animal shelters care for the cats they have and you will have to be approved as a suitable family before you buy a cat. Another plus point about considering a rescue centre is price, you will get a well cared for cat for minimum cost.

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