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    How to buy a cat condo?

    Articlegeneral cat adviceFriday 16 September 2011

    It’s likely that you have found your kitten in many different places at home -  cupboards, drawers, cellars… all cats instinctively look for some places to hide or explore and cat condos might be a great inexpensive way to provide your feline with a place dedicated only for it. Cat condos are often called cat trees, kitty gyms and might come up in different models. Other types of cat condos are cat towers that usually contain three or more cat condos at various heights. Definitely, cat towers can provide much more fun for your cat as they have more places to hide and play. Cat condos are also a great way to provide your kitty with a special place to take a nap or spend some time on its own.

    You should start on checking out all the types of the cat condos that are available. As mentioned before they come in different shapes and sizes. You should decide weather you prefer one, two or three story structure. The majority of the condos available are covered with carpeting. That allows your cat to climb and scratch on the condo. However, you should look for carpeting that is easy to clean and that does not fade quickly. Do not ignore the scratching posts. A condo with a built-in scratching post can help save your furniture and wallpapers from your cat’s claws. A cat condo should have a stable construction so it is well-balanced and does not wave when your cat scratches it or jumps all over around. Bare in mind the size of your cat – the levels of the cat condo should be easy for your feline to climb. Carpeting should be attached securely so it won't get pulled up. Some cheaper condos might use glue that may loosen over time. 

    Finally, match the condo with the colour and style of your home and rooms so it is nice for your eyes and blend into surroundings. There are condos that might be customized as well. Cats are genetically programmed to climb. By providing a safe structure for your cat to climb, you make your feline follow its instincts while you protect your house 

    Visit a pet store, discount store or online pet store to shop for a cat condo.

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