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    How to Bathe a Cat | Kitten Ads

    Articlegeneral cat adviceThursday 07 April 2011
    Cats naturally groom themselves a lot and manage to keep themselves very clean. You will not need to bath a cat often but when you do it can be a challenge; as we all know water is not a cat’s favourite thing. If your cat has fleas or becomes much dirtier than usual you will need to know about bathing cats so you can scrub your cat clean. This article will suggest a way you could bath cats with as little struggling as possible.

    Equipment Needed for Bathing Cats

    • Cat shampoo.
    • 2 towels.
    • Cotton wool balls.
    • Plastic cup.

    Bathing Cats – Instructions

  • Make sure that all your supplies are nearby so you can use both hands to wash your cat. Looking for bathing supplies will prove virtually impossible when you are trying to control a wet cat so be prepared.

  • Fill your bath with several inches of very warm water.

  • Fold up an old towel and place it in the bottom of the bath. This will prevent your cat from slipping about and make bathing your cat easier.

  • The next step in bathing a cat is putting cotton wool in your cat’s ears. By filling your cat’s ears with cotton wool you will stop water from getting inside. If the inside of a cat’s ears get wet then there is a high chance of infection so be particularly careful when bathing.

  • Using a cup wet the cats back and lather some shampoo. Make sure that you massage the cat shampoo into the fur thoroughly. Cat fur can be thick and oily which makes it difficult to clean.

  • To rinse your cat off then you should use the plastic cup. This is gentle and shouldn’t alarm the cat too much. You must make sure you do this well and remove all the shampoo you lathered in. Cats will rewash themselves and you do not want them to ingest the shampoo you put on them earlier.

  • Avoid using a shower to wash your cat as the water can come out quickly and scare it causing a panic in the bathroom.

  • Once you have finished washing then squeeze out any excess water with your hands. Then dry with a towel.

  • If you cat will allow you then you can try blow drying your cat’s fur with a hairdryer.

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