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    How to adopt a Siamese kitten?

    Articlegeneral cat adviceWednesday 16 November 2011

    Siamese cats are a medium sized breed with a long slender body that is graceful, elegant and toned. The Siamese cats are very streamline and are deceptively heavy. They have long hind legs with small oval paws with a delecate triangular head. Siamese cats are distinctive by their large, pointed ears and their oriental, slanted eyes, sapphire blue eyes. Although they might be remembered as sly and mischievous from their appearance in Disney’s stories, Siamese cats are extremely social pets. They love to spend time with their families and interact well with children. If you are thinking of adopting the Siamese cat read the article below.

    Try to start your research by calling your local or county animal shelter and ask if they have any Siamese kittens available for adoption. If they do, make an appointment to visit the shelter and meet their Siamese kittens in person. If they don’t have any immediately available, ask them to notify you if any are brought into the shelter. Many shelters maintain a wait list. Once you reach the shelter where to adopt the Siamese cat, you should be able to recognize its features... read our cat breed guide to learn all the details, its appearance and description.

    Visit your local large pet retailers such as these large chains offer cage space to local shelters or hold adoption days on  throughout the year. Also you can follow our Facebook Fan Page where we communicate all the latest events all over the UK. Local animal shelters, including county and no-kill shelters, bring some of their animals to these locations in hopes of finding them homes. There are sometimes Siamese or Siamese mix kittens available. If no Siamese are available, you might ask the shelter directors if there are any at the shelter and if so, make an appointment to go and meet them.

    Siamese cats are extremely affectionate, loving and intelligent. They are also very vocal. Look through local newspaper advertisements to see if any Siamese owners in your area have kittens for sale. Schedule a time to meet the kittens. If you decide to purchase from a private owner, however, get as much information as you can about the kittens’ parents. Ask if both parents are pure Siamese, what their temperaments are like and if they have any health problems that may carry over to your kitten.

    Once you find your Siamese cat, make sure you read and adhere to the terms in the adoption contract before signing it. Some shelters have clauses that will require you to return your Siamese kitten directly to them if you can no longer care for it. Your kitten will probably also need to be spayed or neutered, if the shelter hasn’t had it done it already. Familiarize yourself with the shelter’s adoption requirements so that you can avoid any problems in the future. 

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