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    How to Adopt a Kitten

    Articlegeneral cat adviceThursday 07 April 2011

    Adopting a kitten can be done using a few different routes. Often, kittens for adoption have had an unfortunate past through no fault of their own, and so kitten rescue is very different than buying from a breeder. See the following advice if you are looking to adopt a kitten.




    Where to Look

    Search for kitten rescue centres on the internet or through newspapers. There should be a few local choices where kittens for adoption are readily available. When adopting a kitten from such a place there could be a small fee involved, which normally covers vaccination and neutering costs.


    Adopting a Kitten

    Depending on the organisation, there are certain procedures that you will have to go through before being able to adopt a kitten. These could include:

    • Filling out numerous forms
    • Being interviewed
    • Having a representative visit your home to ensure the environment is suitable for rescue kittens.


    Kitten Rescue Advice

    Bringing a new cat into your home also requires you to consider certain aspects of the process, including:

    • Ensure that the kitten is old enough to leave its mother (about 6 weeks old)

    • Check the health of the cat has been taken care of properly and there are no visible signs of illness

    • Kitten-proof your home before adopting a kitten, and be fully prepared

    • Request the medical history of the cat before you adopt a kitten so that you know what to have done at the vet
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