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    How do cats adjust to new diets?

    Articlegeneral cat adviceWednesday 31 August 2011

    If your cat needs a new diet or due to the overweight or due to the health issues, you should have a lot of patience in order to adapt new eating plan. A cat that is accustomed to get its food whenever it wants (and whatever it wants) might be a little bit confused when you start to change everything at once.  

    Be prepared that your cat might initially reject the new menu, walk away from its bowl and even show you that it is angry with you. Do not panic and just be patient. If the cat leaves his food untouched or unfinished you should remove it after 30 minutes. Do not give anything to your cat until the next scheduled mealtime. An aromatic spoonful of beef or chicken broth poured over the new food might pique your cat appetite. Your cat once hungry will have to try the food you give it.

    Remember that loosing weight is a complex process and it should not be too quickly. If your cat starts to lose weight too fast it might cause problems, such as serious liver disease.

    Cats with food allergies react adversely to the protein in most cat foods, and require nutrition especially formulated to their sensitive systems. Remember to always consult your vet and adjust the meal size or calorie count etc.

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