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    Housebreaking Kittens

    Articlegeneral cat adviceFriday 20 May 2011

    Housebreaking a kitten is not that difficult at all you simply need to be consistent in your training methods. This article will give you some ideas on cat training, in particular how to housebreak kittens.

    Cat Training – How to Housebreak a Kitten 

    • When you buy a litter tray you should always consider the size of your kitten. When house training kittens it is important that the litter tray has a low lip so it is easy for the kitten to get in and out. 


    • Next you will need to fill your tray with litter. Make the layer flat and appealing for your cat. 


    • Next you will need to place the kitten inside the litter tray soon after they have eaten. 


    • Some kittens are slower at learning than others and you might find you need to scratch the litter until he gets the idea. 


    • If you notice your cat sniffing or think he might need the bathroom then pick the kitten up and put him in the litter tray. 


    • Be consistent in your approach to housebreaking and your cat will eventually learn. 


    • If you have difficulty cat training then you might want to put the litter tray and all the kitten’s things in one room, this will keep the kitten near to the litter tray and might encourage him to use it. 


    • If you have more than one cat then you should have more than one litter tray; they do not like sharing. 


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