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    Getting Your Cat To Like You

    Articlegeneral cat adviceFriday 20 May 2011
    Some cats are naturally cautious and standoff-ish, they may just be nervous of strangers or they may be confused by your behaviour, so much so that they may become aggressive. If it is your pet becoming aggressive, you will want to turn it into a friendly cat for obvious reasons. This guide will help you to gain your cat’s affection.

    Getting Your Cat’s Affection

    • The first thing to do to turn a shy cat into a friendly cat is to kneel down low so that you don’t appear as tall and intimidating to the cat. Make sure that you stay very calm, quiet and that you don’t make any quick or unexpected movements.

    • If you know that the cat could become aggressive at your presence, wear long sleeved clothes or even gloves to prevent yourself from getting hurt. Eventually, as you start to earn your cat’s affection and trust, these won’t be required.

    • As with all animals, cats can be won over with food and treats. This is one of the best ways to gain a cat’s trust and turn it into a friendly cat. Once the cat has realised that you don’t intend to harm it and than it may get food, it will become much friendlier.

    • Once you feel you have earned the cat’s affections somewhat, start stroking it. Cats love being stroked on the forehead and under the chin if it will let you. Spend more and more time playing and stroking the cat and eventually it will become a very friendly cat.

    • It may sound obvious but one of the easiest ways to gain a cat’s affection is to treat it with plenty of love and care. Try to be the one who always feeds the cat and cleans up its litter. Avoid startling the cat by always trying to be quiet when you are around it.

    • Always try and let the cat come to you on its own terms. Cats love attention so once you have gained the cat’s affection; it will come to you all the time.

    • If your cat does scratch or become aggressive at you, don’t hit the cat as it will remember and therefore associate you with bad things.

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