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    Finding Kitten Breeders

    Articlegeneral cat adviceFriday 20 May 2011

    Looking for reputable cat breeders? If you’re looking to buy kittens, it’s only natural to want to have some assurance that the seller has the right credentials and is selling the kittens to you in the best possible health.

    Learn more about finding kittens for sale from a reputable seller in the guide below.




    Cat Breeders: A Brief Guide

    1.    First of all, use the Kitten Ads website to find the kittens of your dreams – we list hundreds of adverts every week offering kittens for sale from a large number of breeds, so whether you’re looking for a Russian Blue or a Ragdoll, you should be able to find one on our website.

    2.    When you first contact the seller, it’s always best to try and build a rapport to gain a sense of the experience levels of cat breeders. Of course, for many sellers, this may be their first time selling kittens, but speaking with the seller via telephone about their love of cats may help you to build trust in the seller. They may even provide you with some knowledge on the breed that will give you some indication of your prospective kitten’s individual needs.

    3.    However, you should expect some questions back from reputable cat breeders – a responsible seller will want to know that their kittens are going to a good home. In most cases, the very fact that the seller is scrutinising your enquiries is a positive sign that they have the kitten’s best interests at heart.

    4.    Finally, most cat breeders will not allow their kittens to be transferred into your ownership until the kitten is roughly 6-8 weeks old. The owner should ensure a kitten has a clean bill of health before allowing you to buy kittens from him.

    Find kittens for sale on Kitten Ads

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