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    Feeding Equipment for Kittens

    Articlegeneral cat adviceFriday 20 May 2011

    When you are feeding kittens you will need to think carefully about the sort of kitten equipment you will use. There are some general rules as standard kitten advice which you should follow, but beyond that how you choose to feed your kitten is up to you.


    You should have two bowls per kitten for kitten feeding so you can use one for food and one for water. For more kitten advice on feeding your new kitten then read on.


    Kitten Bowls


    You can buy kitten bowls in many different sizes and they can also be made out of lots of different materials. You will find that buying all in one food and water bowls is ultimately cheaper than buying two separate bowls but it is not as hygienic for your kitten. It is easy with an all in one bowl for the food to contaminate the water.


    Kittens can be messy eaters so separate bowls are always best. Buying bowls which are deep enough is also handy so your kitten doesn’t find himself kicking out more food than he is eating.


    Buying a heavy bowl is also helpful for a kitten because the bowl stays in one place and the kitten won’t have to chase it around the kitchen floor. When feeding a kitten consider buying a bowl made out of a material which doesn’t scratch easily. Bacteria can collect and grow inside scratches so it is best to buy a ceramic kitten bowl if you can.


    Automatic and On-Demand Feeders


    Automatic feeders are not suitable for kittens as they are used when you are away for a short period and can only be used for fully trained cats. Automatic feeders expel dry food at regular intervals about twice a day to make sure your cat has enough food to eat. Never use wet cat food in an automatic cat feeder.


    On demand feeders can be used for feeding kittens but you will have to monitor closely how much your kitten is eating. This feeder works as the kitten eats food more is released so potentially the kitten could easily over eat.

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