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    Do really cats and dogs hate each other?

    Articlegeneral cat adviceWednesday 15 November 2017

    You have probably thought about the old saying "fight like cat and dog". And have surely questioned the validty of such popular belief.

    Don't worry, you are not the only one who has ever thought that way, Most people are really convinced about the stereotypical hateful relationship shared by dogs and cats.

    The truth, however, is far from it.



    While cats and dogs don't hate each other naturally, they certainly have different temperaments. While dogs are more playful and social creatures, cats like to be independent. This difference in behaviour is the reason you may not see the two pets getting along famously.



    Both animals also differ in the way they are trained. Many dog breeds are trained to chase and hunt, some to retrieve and mostly all of them to do their business outside. This behaviour can be misunderstood by cats as they tend to see a playful dog as a threat. If they get involved in a chasing game, the result tends to make us think they are truly sworn enemies.



    Very important point here. The way the two furry fellows are introduced matters a lot, especially because dogs see themselves as pack leaders, while cats tend to worry more about territory control. It is their first time together, the moment they meet, when their body language creates confusion. If the dog raises a paw as a friendly gesture, the cat, at times, takes it to be a threat. This may result in the animal hissing and trying to prevent what it sees as an attack on itself.

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