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    DIY: Halloween Costume for Your Cat

    Articlegeneral cat adviceTuesday 16 October 2012

    Halloween is always more fun when you have a pet because you can dress them up as well as yourself. We wanted to take the time to show you an inexpensive way of doing this because sometimes it’s not something that will be used again so you don’t want to be spending a lot on it. This does involve making it yourself, however... that’s the fun part!

    1. Costume

    The first thing to concentrate on is what costume you want to make. For this tutorial, we are going to show you have you would go about making your cat into a bumble bee. Maybe sketch your idea out to ensure you know what you will need and how you would like it to turn out.

    1. Material

    Now, this is the hardest step of the process: the material. It shouldn’t be too difficult still. We are aiming to find cheap and flexible material. For the bumble bee outfit, I will need 2 different colours of fabric. Go to your local fabric shops and look online and you will be sure to find fabric at a good price.

    There are 2 options for the antennas of the bee; you can either attach it to the all in one suit and extend the suit over your cats head. This can be difficult to construct though. The other option is to get a separate head piece. This can be made with pipe cleaners and foam balls.

    1. Putting it together

    For putting the bulk of the costume together, sewing is the best option, although a quicker way may be to use a hot glue gun (be aware that this could affect the flexibility). You will need to measure the material on your cat and then you can make it out subtly using a marker. It is not necessary to for the costume to be fitted around the cat’s legs, only the body.

    1. Decoration

    This is my favourite part. Although a bumble bee costume doesn’t need much decoration, it is a great way to change it up. I especially like using glitter. Other examples of items you can use are sequins, gems and paint – for fabric.

    1. Application

    Lastly is getting your cat into the outfit. This is maybe where you will find you will need to make adjustments and you can adjust accordingly. You could even use stuffing to pad it out more to make your cat look more circular like a bee.

    Take any cute pictures if you try to make a Halloween costume for your cat this October and share them with us on, whether it works or not!


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    Photo by johey24



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