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    Decorating Cat Collars

    Articlegeneral cat adviceFriday 20 May 2011

    Decorative cat collars are great because you can give your cat collar a new look without having to buy a new one. If you do not want to dress your cat in clothes then decorating cat collars is a great way to personalise your pet. This guide on how to decorate a cat collar applies to any pet collar and should give you a few ideas on what to do. 


    Cat Collar Decoration

    • You will need to buy a cal collar at your local pet shop or use an old pet collar you already have. collars come in lots of different colours and patterns so choose the pet collar that will suit the theme you have chosen. 


    • You will need to choose a theme for your cat collar. For example if it is Halloween then you might want to buy black leather cat collars and a bell that is shaped like a bat. If it is summer then you might want a light refreshing watermelon design. Sewing on buttons of different designs can be a great way of customising cat collars. 


    • Before you begin decorating your cat collar you must consider the safety of your cat. If you stick items onto the collar that might come off then your cat might choke on it and this would be awful. Make sure that the items you put on the collar will not cause harm to your pet. 


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