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    Communicate With a Cat

    Articlegeneral cat adviceFriday 20 May 2011

    It’s a theory that’s dismissed by some, but with a little training, there are ways in which you can communicate with a cat more successfully. Learn how to talk to a cat and understand their ways in the guide below.



    How to Communicate With a Cat


    • First of all, it’s important to state that a cat’s meow can have a variety of meanings – some experts believe as much as 30. Therefore, a cat can have one meow for hunger, another can indicate a craving for affection, others can signal frustration etc.

    • The human make-up means we are far more likely to react to sounds as a means of communication rather than actions. That’s the primary reason why a cat meows when it is making a demand. As an owner, it’s important to pick up on the meaning of these noises – otherwise the cat will resort to touch (affectionate or aggressive) to convey a message.

    • Perhaps the easiest of all forms of communication occurs when a cat conveys a desire for nourishment. When a cat wants feeding, it will head towards the area in which it is used to being fed (usually the kitchen if you offer up a saucer of milk as a treat every night) and meow loudly.

    • A craving for affection will be signalled by a cat jumping on top of his owner’s lap or by rubbing his neck up against the owner’s legs. It’s important to react favourably to this behaviour or a cat may become a little agitated or aggressive.

    • A cat will tend to be more patient about a need for drink in comparison to the demand for food. In most cases, a thirsty cat will head towards the water bowl and patiently sit adjacent to it until he captures your attention.

    • Finally, one of the most important points of communication between owner and cat comes when a cat is expecting kittens. In the days leading up to giving birth, a cat’s behaviour may become a little erratic so it’s important to be aware of the impending situation. Talk to a cat gently, and make sure she cannot escape into any nooks and crannies to give birth, as pregnant cats can sometimes look for a private area in which to have the kittens. For more information on this topic, read this guide to looking after a pregnant cat.
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