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    Cleaning Cat Urine

    Articlegeneral cat adviceFriday 20 May 2011
    Cat urine can smell quite bad. If you have a new kitten that you are trying to house train, the chances are that there will be an accident at some point and you will have to clean the cat urine off your carpet or floor. This guide will help you to effectively get rid of the cat urine smell and clean the cat urine off your carpet without it staining.

    Cleaning Cat Pee

  • Try to clean cat urine off of the carpet as soon as possible to prevent staining. Do this by blotting the cat pee with either a clean towel or some absorbent paper towels. Make sure you do not rub it as this will not get rid of the cat urine. Instead, press down firmly on the patch until the wetness has gone.

  • The next step is to begin cleaning the area to remove the cat urine smell. Use either water or club soda and thoroughly rinse the area of the cat urine. This will help to dilute it and make it easier to clean up.

  • Use the blotting method again to remove the rising liquid, as much as you possibly can. One of the best ways to get cat urine off the carpet without spreading the stain is to blot from the outside inwards.

  • Mix up a litre of warm water with 150ml of white vinegar and rinse the area of the cat pee with it again.

  • Use a clean towel and blot again to remove all of the liquid, remember that liquid spreads so blot a larger area than the original cat pee stain. You could use a vacuum cleaner or a hairdryer on a very low setting to dry the area even more.

  • Use a specialist pet odour neutraliser on the stain to get ride off the cat urine smell and to stop it coming back. If a cat can still smell the area, it may well go there again. Remember that cats have a much better sense of smell than we do.

  • Tips & Advice

    • Make sure that any cleaning products you use are non toxic so that it is safe so that the cat can and your family still sit and walk on the area.

    • Avoid using a cleaning product that has ammonia in it. Ammonia smells similar to cat pee and may well cause the cat to urinate on that spot again.

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