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    Choosing the Best Food For Kittens

    Articlegeneral cat adviceFriday 20 May 2011

    Are you trying to decide which kitten food is the best for your cats health? It can become very confusing when you are out shopping for cat food, all of the different brands claim to be the best for kitten care and cats health but you have to read the ingredients to be sure. It is difficult to decide whether to choose dry kitten food, canned kitten food or even food in pouches. To find the best kitten food you need to know about your cat and what nutritional needs your cat has. This article will help you to decide which kitten food is best for your cats health. 


    Kitten Food – How to Choose

    • For kittens you should try to avoid dry food if you can. The crunch of dry food can seem fun to a kitten but you can always be sure that the best kitten food is wet. 


    • Dry cat food tends to be packed full of fillers and some brands will try to disguise these fillers. Because wild cats do not naturally consume these fillers cats bodies are not designed to handle them. 


    • You should remember when buying kitten food that cats are carnivores. In the wild cats survive off of the animals they hunt so they have a diet which is rich in protein and fat. There are hardly any carbohydrates in a wild cats diet. 


    • Always look at the ingredients of the kitten food to make sure that the majority of the products it contains are meat with some moist binder to hold the food together. 


    • When you buy kitten food you should think about their special nutritional requirements. You will find that nutritional requirements of kittens are different to adult cats because they need more energy to grow and develop. The kitten food you need to buy should be high in vitamins and protein; this is important to your cats health. 


    • Kittens are extremely active so it is good to look for foods which are higher in fat content. This fat content will give the kitten all the energy he or she needs to grow. 



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