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    Catteries - How to Choose the Best Cattery | Kitten Ads

    Articlegeneral cat adviceMonday 23 May 2011

    If you have a pet cat then you will understand how important finding a brilliant cattery is. Cats become part of the family and it is extremely worrying when you have to go away for a week or more and find someone else to look after you beloved pet. It is sometimes the case that you cannot find a trusty pet sitter so you have to consider putting your cat into a boarding cattery. When you are choosing between catteries you are looking for a balance between good care and enough space. Finding calm and spacious accommodation for your cat is not always easy but it is certainly worth while. This article will outline what you should look for when choosing a cattery for your pet.

    What to Look for in a Boarding Cattery

    Cats Only
    It is stressful for your cat when they are moved out of their home and into a strange place. It is very important that you choose a cats only facility so that your cat is not scared by dog smells or unfamiliar sounds. If you find a boarding cattery that has dogs in it too but they are separated over different floors and corridors then this should be ok if your cat is not particularly nervous.

    Catteries with Individual Units
    Boarding your cat in an individual unit is important. having one level of wire cages is not particularly pleasant. You can find some fantastic catteries with spa facilities and entertainment for your cats.

    Luxury Cat Boarding
    If you have a fair bit of money to spend and you want to give your pet the best then consider finding a luxury cattery. Some have large rooms for your cat to stay in where people come in regularly to play with your cat. These rooms often have large scratch and play posts, little beds and other treats to keep your cat busy.

    Seek Advice
    Talk to your friends and your vet about catteries they would recommend. This will give you a trustworthy review of a particular establishment. Once you have shortlisted a couple of boarding catteries you think might be appropriate set up an appointment to go and see them and speak to the staff there. This will really give you a feel of the place and give you a sneaky look at how happy other cats staying in the cattery look.

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