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    Cats for Sale: Top 5 Cat Breeds

    Articlegeneral cat adviceFriday 20 May 2011

    Before you go looking for kittens for sale, you should consider what sort of breed of cat you want. It is important not to rush when you buy cats for sale as you need to consider whether to buy a cat that has any specific care requirements, how much it is likely to cost and how long it will live. Generally, most kittens for sale will live for 15-18 years but it is not uncommon to buy a cat that live for 20 years. Some breeds of cats for sale are more popular than others, so before you buy a cat, read on to find out about the top 5 breeds of cats for sale.


    British Shorthair


    These cats for sale are officially the most common breed of cat in the UK. British Shorthair cats are very friendly, lovable and happy to be kept as a house cat. Colours for these cats vary dramatically from blue to silver, tabby, brown and white. If you are looking to buy a cat, British Shorthair cats for sale are very good, especially for people who work as these cats for sale are happy with their own company. You can search for British Shorthair kittens for sale on Kitten Ads.


    Bengal Cat


    These cats for sale are comparatively new compared to other breeds of cats. Bengal cats only started appearing in the 1930’s when domestic cats were crossed with Asian Leopard Cats. Many people like to buy cats like this because of their wild looking coat which resembles that of a leopard of lynx. Despite their wild look, Bengal cats are very friendly and good for families. Bengal cats have become very popular and you can search through many adverts for Bengal cats for sale on Kitten Ads.


    Persian Cat


    Persian cats for sale are still the most popular breed in the USA and most people still buy cats of this sort, in Europe however their popularity has declined somewhat. These long-haired cats for sale are very friendly and the kittens for sale can be very popular and expensive. To buy a cat of this bred can easily cost £300+. Many people buy cats of this variety without the common ‘flat face’ as this can cause breathing problems. Persian cats for sale have very long coats that require daily grooming.


    Ragdoll Cats


    Ragdoll cats are amongst the largest cats for sale and earned their name from their very docile and friendly nature which makes many families buy cats like this. These cats for sale have distinct markings, often with dark paws, noses, ears and tails and can cost several hundreds of pounds. Those who buy a cat like this should also expect it to have bright blue eyes. You can buy Ragdoll kittens for sale on Kitten Ads.


    Siamese Cats


    Siamese cats are instantly recognisable to anybody and many people who attend shows buy cats like the Siamese as they are distinct. Siamese cats for sale can cost a fair amount of money but buying these kittens for sale means you will end up with a very friendly and loving pet. Siamese cats are known for their playful nature which carries on through adulthood. Searching for Siamese kittens for sale on Kitten Ads will provide lots of adverts.


    When you buy cats, especially for the first time, you often need to buy other cat accessories such as beds, scratching posts and litter trays. To save money, you can search for cheap cat accessories for sale on Kitten Ads. If you buy a cat for the first time, read our guides for some helpful advice about caring for cats:


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