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    Buy Kittens - How To Raise Kittens

    Articlegeneral cat adviceThursday 07 April 2011

    Kittens will remember their upbringing and the cat care that you provide to a kitten will shape how they turn out to be as an adult. Generally, the more love and attention you give a kitten, the more you will get back. Regardless of whether you have a rescue cat or a new kitten for sale, follow this guide to cat care to ensure that you end up with a friendly and lovable companion.


    Raising a Happy Kitten


    • If you have decided you want to get a cat, there are number of things you can do. We have hundreds of kittens for sale on Kitten Ads for a wide variety of prices and from experienced cat breeders. Alternatively, you can visit your local cat rescue centre and adopt a rescue cat.


    • Regardless of whether you decide to choose a kitten for sale from Kitten Ads or a rescue cat, pick out a cat based on emotion not on appearances. Take your time and choose the kittens that most suit your personality. If you decide to adopt a rescue cat, you can still use Kitten Ads to search for cheap cat accessories for sale.


    • When you’ve brought your new kitten for sale home, you need to provide the best cat care possible by making your home as welcoming as possible. A rescue cat is likely to be nervous anyway so make sure you place a litter tray somewhere private but centrally located in the home. New kittens for sale may have to be litter trained.


    • Like dogs, the key to cat’s love is food. An essential part of cat care is to ensure that kittens or cats know where they can get food and water. Make sure that this area is set somewhere quiet and out of the way. You can also use food to get a rescue cat to warm to you and become more affectionate. You can buy things such as cat treats for sale on Kitten Ads and these can be very effective.


    • If you provide the correct level of cat care and affection, you will get it in return. Make sure you spend plenty of time with kittens and allow them to sit on your lap. A good idea to keep a kitten or rescue cat happy is to provide them with a cuddly toy to cuddle up with when you are not home.


    • A cat bed is a very good way of providing a kitten or a rescue cat with somewhere to call its own. A rescue cat in particular may benefit from something like this. You can buy all sorts of cat accessories such as cat beds for sale and scratching posts for sale on Kitten Ads. Scratching posts are excellent as they allow kittens to engage in natural cat behaviour and mark their territory.
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