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    Buy a Persian Cat - Selecting a Healthy Kitten

    Articlegeneral cat adviceFriday 20 May 2011

    When you are looking for kittens for sale you will rarely find a kitten sweeter than a Persian kitten. When you buy a Persian cat it is important you look out for certain things. You should try to strike a balance between the Persian qualities such as long hair, flat face and beautiful eyes without buying kittens for sale where these characteristics are in the extreme and could lead to problems with the cats health. This guide on buying a Persian cat will give you some more information on selecting the right kittens for sale. 





    Kittens for Sale – Picking the Right Persian Cat 

    • If you find a Persian kitten for sale that you really like then you should investigate the pedigree if you can. Look at the bloodlines to see if they are saturated, in breeding can take place in efforts to meet show standards and enhance Persian features but it is important you do not buy in bred cats. In breeding effects the cats health and it should not be encouraged. 


    • Look for a nice Persian face, not too extreme so the nose is pushed in or teeth misaligned. Persian cats health problems include issues with breathing, eye problems and even deformed facial structures. 


    • Check the eyes of the kittens for sale. You need to make sure that there is no discharge or lost hair or skin redness on the upper nose. A lot of Persian kittens will have some drainage but you do not want an excess as this might indicate future problems with the cats health.


    • Always look closely at the hair on Persian kittens for sale. A recently groomed Persian can look much healthier than he actually is. Make a couple of parts in the hair along the back and tail of the Persian. Look out for any fleas and ringworm which are easy to disguise in long haired cats. 


    • Look at the size of the kittens for sale compared to each other. Pedigree Persian males are usually larger boned, it is best to avoid the runt of the litter as their resistance to disease might be limited. 


    • Check the cat’s ears for redness, sores or brown waxy build up. If the kitten has a little wax do not worry but an excess will indicate ear mites. 


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