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    Buy a Persian Cat - Finding Kittens For Sale

    Articlegeneral cat adviceFriday 20 May 2011

    When you are looking for any kittens for sale, there are a few things that you should be aware of, but when you buy a Persian cat, or any other ‘special’ cat for that matter, there are a few extra things that you should look out for and be aware of. When you buy a Persian cat, you need to be aware of the special health needs of the cats for sale. Read on to find out more about buying kittens for sale.


    Buying Persian Kittens For Sale


    • You can buy a Persian cat from a number of places, pet shops may enable you to buy a Persian cat but your best bet for buying cats for sale is to use a website like Kitten Ads to find kitten breeders who are experience with the particular breed you want, in this case, Persian kittens for sale.


    • Kitten breeders will allow you to inspect their premises and other kittens for sale so that you can be sure you buy a Persian cat that is healthy. Kitten breeders will often have their cats for sale examined by a vet and their first round of shots and paperwork will de completed.


    • Try to see at least one of the parents of the kittens for sale; the chances are that kitten breeders will only own one of the parents. Make sure that both parents are healthy and get references. Make sure when you buy a Persian cat from kitten breeders that all shots, worming and sexing has been carried out.


    • Many people think that a Persian cat needs to have a flat face and this is not necessarily true. Cats for sale with flat faces are likely to develop breathing problems as they get older. ‘Regular’ faces on kittens for sale from kitten breeders are perfectly acceptable and will probably live longer and happier.


    • When you buy any kittens for sale it is your responsibility to know exactly what food they require. Kitten breeders will be able to help you with this so enquire when you buy a Persian cat. Generally, a cat food like science diet will be fine.


    • When visiting kitten breeders to see kittens for sale, consider writing a checklist of everything that you require. This will make sure that you buy a Persian cat that is happy and healthy and will provide you with companionship for a long time.
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