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    Buy a Kitten - Different Cat Shapes

    Articlegeneral cat adviceFriday 20 May 2011

    Kittens for sale can come in a number of different shapes and sizes but generally they come in two different shapes, known as ‘cobby’ or ‘foreign’. Or course, more and more cross-breeding has led to the distinctions between the shapes of kittens for sale becoming blurred in a lot of cases, cats for sale are known as ‘moderate’ in shape. If you are planning to buy kittens, read on.


    Kittens for Sale – Cobby


    The cobby style of cats for sale are from breeds that have developed in colder climates where the thicker, heavier set bodies retained more body heat. Cobby cats for sale will have comparatively small ears, a broad head, short legs, a thick and round tail with a fairly thickset body. Probably the archetypical cobby cat would be the Persian.


    Kittens for Sale – Foreign


    Where cobby cats evolved in colder conditions, foreign cats are those that developed in warmer climates where the thinner body shape of these cats for sale meant that they could shed body heat quicker. Foreign kittens for sale can be identified by a long and thin tail, slim body, long legs, large ears and a fine, wedged shaped head. Oriental Shorthair cats are considered the perfect example of foreign types of cats.


    Kittens for Sale – Moderate


    Nowadays, most cats for sale could be described as moderate and possess features of both types of cats for sale. If you are looking to buy kittens and aren’t interested in buying pedigree, the chances are that you will be looking at cross-breed, moderate kittens for sale and these can make excellent pets for a fraction of the cost.


    You can search for a wide range of kittens for sale of all body types here on Kitten Ads. Regardless of which type of cats for sale you buy, you will need to buy lots of cat accessories for sale such as cat beds, scratching posts and litter trays.

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