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    Breaking Up a Cat Fight | Kitten Ads

    Articlegeneral cat adviceFriday 20 May 2011
    It can sometimes be very tricky to break up a catfight. When two or more of the animals are fighting one another, it’s often hard to find a means of intervening and splitting the cats, especially if your cat is vulnerable. To learn more about how to break up fighting cats, read the information below.

    How to Stop Cats Fighting

    • First of all, it’s important to establish whether the cats are just playing or truly fighting. This will be fairly easy to establish – cats love to wrestle with one another, but if both cats are hissing and clawing aggressively at one another, it’s probably best to look for a way to split them up.

    • Under no circumstance should you resort to kicking or hitting a cat, even if you’re desperately trying to fend off a rival cat from hurting your beloved feline friend. There are far easier ways of separating cats without resorting to animal cruelty. It can also be counterproductive – the cat may become even more aggressive. It’s also important to plan your intervention so it does not involve you coming into direct contact with the cat fight, as you could be scratched if you get a little too close.

    • It’s best to use a long pole or a broom and place it in between the two cats to separate the two cats and allow them space to retreat. If the cats continue to fight after you have intervened, try and make a large noise to distract them, either using your voice or by crashing two metal objects together. This should encourage the cats to disperse rapidly and will break up a cat fight abruptly.

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