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    Bengal Kittens - Toileting

    Articlegeneral cat adviceFriday 20 May 2011

    When you buy kittens for sale you need to know about litter training. Depending on how your Bengal? kittens react to your house and environment your kittens might go to the toilet outside, inside or both.


    This article will give you some information on litter training a cat and some tips on things to do and not to do.


    What Bengal Kittens Require for Toileting


    Safety – Kittens feel vulnerable when they are going to the toilet so it is important that the kittens litter tray is where they feel safe and secure.


    Privacy – Cats like to have some privacy when they are using the litter tray so it is good if the tray is tucked away around a corner where the kittens will not be disturbed.


    Digging Material – Kittens like to bury their faeces so it is good if the litter is loose and dry so that they can dig until their hearts are content.


    Cleanliness – Kittens will not use unclean litter trays so it is important that you keep them clean.


    Bengal Kittens – Going Outside


    When your Bengal? kittens are young you will need a litter tray for at least the first month as they will not be allowed outside. You might find that your cat will always go to the toilet outside once he is allowed but you will still need to keep a litter tray inside for times when your cat feels unwell or for when it is raining. 


    You can create a toilet area for your Bengal kittens in your garden by digging an area of loose soil and bark. This area will need to be secluded and clean; you will regularly need to dig over this area. 


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