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    Bathing a Cat | Kitten Ads

    Articlegeneral cat adviceFriday 20 May 2011
    Bathing cats is an activity that you will not have to do very often. However, once in a while the situation might arise that you find yourself having to bath a cat. Your cat may have rolled into something filthy or he may not smell too great, so you will need to bathe a cat. To find out how to bath cats, read on.

    • To start to bathe a cat fill up your bath with around 2 or 3 inches of warm water. Do not do this with the cat in the room though. The temperature when bathing cats should be warm enough that it will not burn the cat, but cool enough so the cat does not catch a chill.

    • Place one of your hands underneath the cat with your little finger and thumb pointing outside the legs of the cat. Turn the cat sideways, ready to bath a cat.

    • Taking your time, place the cat into the tub. Use your free hand to place a bit of pressure on the cat’s back to hold him down when you begin to bath a cat. Once he is settled, pour water from your cup gently over his back starting near the end and working backwards to the tail. Should the cat become restless stop and hold him down. Do not bath cats around the ears, or face. Lather in the shampoo and then rinse it out.

    • When you have finished bathing a cat, you can try and wrap him in a towel to dry. He may not like this though.

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