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    Are you ready to get a new kitten? Read a short guide here to help prepare you

    Articlegeneral cat adviceFriday 15 March 2013
    So you feel it is now time to get a new kitten and you are excited at the prospect of this wonderful and fulfilling moment? You must bear it mind however that having a cat holds a lot of responsibilities for yourself. Of course it is not in the same league as having a baby but you yourself are responsible for the kitten for the rest of it’s life. Have a look at our guide below to see the basic requirements you should check before you go ahead and get a new addition to your family.
    1) The most important requirement – Food and fresh water. Do you have the time and financial resources to regularly provide food and a daily support of fresh water? This may sound easy but when you bear in mind a cat’s average age is 12-15 and some can live to 21 years old you have to plan for the long term.
    2) Are you able to provide medical care to your kitten? It should have the latest vaccinations to protect it against common diseases and also be protected against worms and fleas. You may want to enquire about getting a pet insurance quote to help off set any of the costs that you could face.
    3) If you have children, what is their relationship like with cats?  You do not want to find out your son or daughter is allergic to cats the day you bring home a new kitten. To prepare take your child to a close friend who has animals and see what their relationship is like together.
    4) Make your home “kitten proof”. A new kitten and a new home can be a very nervous prospect. Make sure your washing machine, dish washer and toilets are closed and locked. Kittens can go to the strangest places. Furthermore make sure your fireplace, if you have one, is boarded up. Kittens and chimneys do not go well together.
    If you have read the above and you really feel you are up for the task then why not have a look at some of our latest kittens for sale?
    Source: Fab Cats
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