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    6 things you did not know about cats in Ancient Egypt

    Articlegeneral cat adviceThursday 10 March 2016


    1. A new study, conducted by scientists in 2014 suggests that the ancient Egyptians cared for domesticated cats as long ago as in 3,700 BC. Until recent times it was thought that cats were first domesticated in the African country around 1,950 BC.
    2. Evidence of pet felines has also been found in China, indicating farmers cared for cats in 3,300BC.
    3. Archaeologists said that cats were also used as religious sacrifices in Ancient Egypt over 5,500 years ago.
    4. Cats were known as 'Mau' and were later important in Egyptian society and became a symbol of grace.
    5. Two goddesses took the form of cats - Mafdet - a lion-headed goddess of justice and execution, and Bastet - a cat representing fertility and motherhood.
    6. As a revered animal, some cats received the same mummification after death as humans and were often dedicated to Bastet.
    Source: Daily Mail 
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