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    10 reasons why a cat is better than a boyfriend

    Articlegeneral cat adviceSunday 19 March 2017

    Are you single? Looking for the perfect partner? Why don't you stop at the nearest animal shelter and adopt a cat?

    Oh, so you still need more reasons?

    In that case, we're going to grab some ideas from SPCA Auckland, in New Zealand that will certainly convince you that a cat is the ideal companion to live with.  

    The kiwi cat rescuers have so many cats on their facilities that this charity has come up with 10 good reasons on why adopting a cat is better than finding a boyfriend.


    1. Cats love you unconditionally

    When you come home tired at the end of a hard day, your cat will greet you with pleasure, wind itself around your legs, and purr like a lawnmower at your touch. You may think he's asking for food. Probably. But even after being fed he'll be purring at your touch.


    2. Cats are great in bed

    As sleeping companions, that is. If you want to stretch out and your cat is in the way, it will simply move to accommodate you. They don’t snore. They don’t steal the covers. And purring is one of the most comforting, sleep-inducing sounds in the world.


    3. Cats don’t care what you wear

    If you want to wander about at home in baggy trackpants and an extra-large T-shirt that reads "Keep calm and eat chocolate", that’s just fine with your kitten. He has not any specific taste in design or colour matching. 


    4. Cats like a good night in

    If you are not in the mood to go out for partying, your cat won’t try to drag you to the pub. In fact, he will be more than happy to lay by your side on the couch for a cuddle and a scratch behind the ears.


    5. Cats are great listeners

    You can pour out your troubles to your cat and it won’t roll its eyes or scold you for anything. He won't even try to suggest you anything that you don't want to hear. Chatting with your cat in a soothing tone actually helps it feel comforted and relaxed so it’s a win-win situation for both of you.


    6. Cats let you choose the TV channel

    They don’t really care what you watch on telly, certainly won’t demand to watch sport, and will most likely just curl up in your lap for a kip.


    7. Cats don’t care what you eat

    Feel like eating your bodyweight in ice cream? Go ahead - your cat won’t give you a hard time about it.


    8. Cats can purr

    And boyfriends can’t. In return for a few strokes and a tickle under the chin, your cat will produce one of the most soothing and calming sounds on the face of the Earth.


    9. Cats are soft, clean, and smell nice

    Boyfriends can be all of these things but not all the time. Cats are and they don't need to spend as much time grooming themselves as your boyfriend.


    10. Cats accept you as you are

    As simple as that. 

    Summing it up and as Christine Kalin, CEO of SPCA Auckland says : "Cats are amazing creatures that give back to their human companions much more than they demand. They’re cuddly, affectionate, and independent of spirit - so you get all the advantages of living with a loving yet low-maintenance companion animal".



    Source: SPCA Auckland

    Photo: Eliana Reinaldo / Flikr



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