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    Preparing for New Kittens for Sale

    Articlegeneral cat adviceFriday 20 May 2011

    Once you have chosen your perfect kittens for sale and it is time to bring them home you might be a little unsure of how to go about things. If it is your first time buying cats for sale then this article will help you with some basic cat care tips which will help to keep your kitten happy in his new surroundings.


    You might find that your cat only takes about a week to settle into his new home but other kittens take longer and are more anxious. If you take your time and are patient and kind then your kitten will settle in soon enough.


    Getting Ready for Bringing Home Kittens for Sale


    • Decide on a room in your house where your cat can be left undisturbed by the rest of your family.
    • You will need to make sure all windows and doors are closed in your house.
    • Ensure that you have food and litter ready for the arrival of the kittens for sale.
    • You will need to take a secure cat carrier with you when collecting your cats for sale.
    • When you collect your kitten for sale you should receive a starter pack, vaccination card, receipt and some insurance. If the kitten is pedigree then you will need the pedigree certificate.


    Preparing Your Home for Kittens for Sale


    • Food and water bowls should be full and situated away from the litter tray.
    • Provide somewhere to hide like a cardboard box.
    • Provide a warm and soft bed.
    • Put a litter tray in a private corner to begin litter training.
    • Leave a radio on low volume if the kitten is left alone.
    • Make some high spots available so your kitten can feel safe.
    • Provide a scratching post and some toys to keep the kitten entertained.



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