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    Managing your Cat in Winter

    ArticleWednesday 07 November 2012

    Keeping your independent feline warm and safe during the winter months, especially in weather like snow, can be difficult so here are some helpful tips.

    Make sure you maintain your cat’s thick fur for the cold months. Brushing out your cat’s coat will keep it in good condition and encourage more fur to grow.

    If you get snow in your area, make sure you keep an eye on your cat’s whereabouts. Make sure they don’t go outside for too long at one time. Provide them with a warm place to dry and get warm when they do come back inside. If the snow is thick, it is good to think about creating a path, for your cat, to a common place that it goes to the toilet.

    Make sure your cat has plenty of food. During the colder months the body will use up a lot of energy trying to keep warm, so more food may be needed. Ensure that there is always water avaliable to your cat to keep them hydrated and healthy.

    Give your cat an extra blanket or towel that they can use during the day and night to keep warm and dry when they are inside. As cats are very independent, they can take care of themselves and are good at survival. But these tips will help to take care of them during the colder times, as they are now domesticated.


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