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    Going away this Easter? 5 things to do before leaving your cat at a Boarding Cattery

    ArticleMonday 11 March 2013
    Going away on holiday is often exciting and well needed. However for pet owners this can cause problems such as anxiety and stress from worrying about if your loved one is in good hands. Here are some essential tips to finding and booking a cattery;
    1) Take a look around the premises before you make a booking and check if the conditions are adequate. Don't just look at pictures from a brochure or images on a website. Take a look at the real place and see how the conditions are for you. 
    2) If you are in the United Kingdom then make sure the cattery is licensed properly under the Animal Boarding Establishments Act 1963. They should have this displayed prominently on the grounds. Without this it means that they are most likely unlicensed and thus it is illegal for them to look after cats.
    3) Give all information to the cattery about any specific details that they need to know about your cat's health and wellbeing before you leave, for example any dietary requirements or medication that they may be taking at the time.
    4) Remember to leave your vet's details including address and telephone number. If anything serious happens then they know who to contact and can get further details directly without having to go through you. This can save important time. 
    5) Remember to leave your own details especially a mobile number in case of emergencies. It may also be worthwhile to leave a close friend's details in case of any issues if you are, for whatever reason, not available.
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