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    Cats Are Independent Animals

    ArticleTuesday 02 October 2012

    Are you a cat owner? Here’s something to remember.

    Now I’m sure this is a well known fact but whether you allow this to happen in your house is another question! Cats need there freedom as they are very independent animals. This may be because they hunt alone, unlike dogs. Dogs hunt in packs, and perhaps that’s therefore why they find comfort in humans.

    To make sure your cat is comfortable and happy, you need to make sure that you do not enclose your pet.

    • You should allow your cat to have the run of a big area, whether it’s a number of rooms in your house, or the independence to explore the world outside your house.
    • Ensure that there is a part of the house that they can go if they are scared or in discomfort, allowing them to be alone if they choose to.
    • Your role in your cats life is more of a caretaker than an owner, due to their lifestyle. However this is not always the case, some cats begin to reply on their family of humans and become less adventurous. 


    Do you follow this?

    Important care for cats. 


    Photo by 'tetu'

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