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    NewsCat Rescue News22-04-2014
    Yorkshire Cat Rescue has taken in more than 162 cats and kittens since the beginning of January. This cat charity is now appealing more residents to become cat foster homes as the situations has become overwhelming. Yorkshire Cat Rescue staff and the charity is facing an unprecented influx of unwanted pets and strays, pushing the burden to the limit. The charity is making sure that ...

    NewsCat Rescue News10-04-2014
    Recently, a house full of cats was discovered in Houston, Texas. About 130 cats, maybe more, lived inside a house in Houston, Texas, many of them suffering from emaciation. The house, property of two 60-year-old twin sisters, one of them suffering with cancer, was in a rundown state, the yard unkempt and the trees untrimmed, according to the neighbours. But nobody expected what was ...

    NewsCat Rescue News06-03-2014
    Little Mercury, a kitten from Oklahoma, has become recently viral in the internet world. What's so special about him?. Well, he is two-legged. The kitty was 4 days old and weighed not even 150 grams when he was discovered in a yard last September. He hadn't even opened his eyes yet and had his two front legs and all but one of his toes on his back legs missing already. His i...

    NewsCat Rescue News24-02-2014
    Startled commuters witnessed a five-month-old climbing on board the train at Johnstone in Renfrewshire and making its way into Scotland's biggest city. But the fluffy little cat was picked up by the transport police as soon as he arrived at his destination. The kitten, named Bobby by police, was taken to the Cats Protection Adoption Centre near Robroyston, and the charity is no...

    NewsCat Rescue News21-05-2013
    The neglected and stray cats of Cardiff are being offered a lifeline by two animal lovers who are setting up a new charity.  Fran Ross, 68 and Joyce Chichester, 74 are from Pentrebane and spent the last decade volunteering at Cardiff Cats Protection. However, the branch was closed in November due to a lack of resources despite being well-established.    Fran used to h...

    NewsCat Rescue News25-10-2012
    A cat with many wounds from being in a fire can now get help after the generous donations from people around the world. Around $10,000 has been raised in total. The cat caught in the fire had 75% of her body burnt. Due to the serverity of the burns, the victimised cat isn't able to close her eyes completely, however cats have 3 eyelids which helps her to keep rested. Without the money ...

    NewsCat Rescue News18-07-2012
    Ni Hao, a three-month-old orange and white kitten survived a 10,450-kilometre trip from Shanghai. According to The Herald Sun, “at first he was too weak to stand, but the shorthaired kitten is finally taking its first steps.”   Source: The Herald Sun - read more Photo source   Browse our kittens for sale or place an ad now on Kitten Ads

    NewsCat Rescue News16-07-2012
    According to the Daily Mail, the mechanics only realised the animals there when they heard them meowing as the car was lowered into crushing machine Workers believe a feral cat living near the scrapyard climbed inside the car and gave birth before abandoning her litter. Source: Daily Mail – See the pictures here Photo by: Andrew Gray Browse our kittens for sale or place an...

    NewsCat Rescue News05-07-2012
    According to Kirsty Pask, nurse at the town's Towy Vets in Old Llangunnor Road, quoted by This is South Wales, “this is a concern because we have had so many kittens recently. There was a woman who had been feeding a stray which ended up having four kittens. She is keeping the kittens and we will help rehome them when they are older, but so many are being dumped." RSPCA Lowri...

    NewsCat Rescue News25-06-2012
    Once it would have been a simple job for a fire brigade happy to do its bit for the community. Not any longer. When Diesel the cat refused to come down from a 60ft spruce tree, he was stuck there for five days – because of health and safety rules. The local fire and rescue service feared its officers would be ‘putting their lives at risk’ if they tried to rescue him. ...

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