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    Why is My Cat Coughing? | Kitten Ads

    Articlecat health and wellbeingFriday 20 May 2011
    Evaluating a cough in a cat is difficult for a vet as it can be due to a very minor problem such as drinking water too fast or could be a sign of something much more serious. You should know the answers to the following questions for when you take coughing cats to the vet:

    • How long has your cat been coughing?

    • How old is your cat?

    • Is the cough moist or dry?

    • Does your cat cough more when resting or moving?

    • If your cat more depressed than usual?

    • Have you noticed your cat having breathing troubles?

    • Has your pet been in a cattery or been groomed recently?

    • Is your cat sneezing as well as coughing?

    • Does your cat cough this time each year?

    Coughing Cats - Cat Breed Characteristics

    Cats with flat faces have elongated soft pallets in the back of their mouths which can cause coughing. If this is the case then antibiotics can be prescribed as the cat cough treatment. Sometimes the condition gets very bad and impairs the cat’s ability to breathe comfortably and some of the soft palate tissue might have to be removed through surgery.

    Cat Coughing up Fur balls?

    If you have a long haired cat it is much more likely that it will cough and vomit up mats of hair. It is important to keep your cat groomed to reduce your cat’s coughing. You can also buy cat food that is high in fibre that will help to prevent this.

    Rhinotracheitis in Cats

    Rhinotracheitis is usually caught by cats when they have recently been in catteries. Some cases of rhinotracheitis cause a cat cough. Vitamin drops, cough suppressants and antibiotics are used as the cat cough treatment in these cases.

    Cat Coughing - Allergies and Irritants

    Just like humans cats can experience irritation due to chemicals; although it is rare. Perfumes, cigarette smoke, new bedding and carpets in particular can release chemicals which your cat might be allergic to.

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