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    What not to feed your cats

    Articlecat health and wellbeingWednesday 19 September 2012

    Keeping your cats healthy through their diet is very important and helps to avoid many problems.

    On average a cat should be fed twice a day, getting 25 – 30 calories to the pound. However, kittens may need more as they are growing.


    Do not Overfeed

    Over feeding your cats is a common problem. The amount of food your cat needs to maintain its body weight is something that you need to get right, if not it can lead to other problems, such as diabetes forming. Monitoring the weight of your cat and the volume of food you are feeding it is a way to prevent this happening and you can then alter the amount you are feeding accordingly. 

    Wet or dry?

    Whether to feed your cat wet or dry food is an on going query from many cat owners. Both wet and dry food both supplies your cat with efficient nutrients if you get the right type. It is more essential that you know what is in the foods. However, it is believed that wet food is more advantageous as they can be formed of up to 80% of water and therefore is more hydrating for cats. The lack of water in cats can cause urinary tract infections. Usually wet food will contain more protein from animals than dry food, which tends to be more plant based.

    No Protein?

    Cats are carnivores’ therefore getting their protein is vital. Protein is more beneficial to cats than carbohydrates as an energy source however; a balanced diet is still required.

    Little Water

    One major problem is if your cat is not getting enough water. Water makes up to around 70% of a cat’s body weight and this must be maintained to carry out normal bodily functions. Make sure there is water available for your cat at all times and in multiple places around the house, perhaps if there is a particular place your cat likes to sit. Be aware that sometimes cats instinctively prefer running water which is why they may not be drinking enough.


    Photo by Moyan Brenn

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