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    Remove Cat Ticks

    Articlecat health and wellbeingFriday 20 May 2011

    When cats suffer from parasitic ticks, they can experience plenty of discomfort and, in some cases, can become exposed to serious infections and diseases. Therefore it’s essential to remove cat ticks as quickly as possible before the problem develops further. Learn how in the guide below.


    Removing Ticks From Cats – Top Tips


    • You’ll need plenty of light to remove cat ticks effectively as they can be relatively hard to spot with the naked eye. Get your cat into a relaxed mood – stroke him gently until he seems placid. Once the cat shows no signs of agitation, you can begin the removal process.

    • Use an antiseptic cream or lotion to help clear up the parasites in the affected area. Wear some disposable gloves and use a tweezers to pluck out any obvious ticks on the surface. It’s best to isolate the affected area by sweeping ragged hair aside. Some breeds are renowned for their long, flowing hair, which can make it hard to locate ticks.

    • Position the tweezers surrounding the head of the tick; this is the easiest means of plucking the body of the tick out of the affected area. Even if you are unable to remove all of the tick, the natural functions of the cat’s immune system will expel the tick and other parasites over time.

    • Over the next couple of days, repeat the process and keep applying antiseptic cream and specialist lotions until the problem seems to clear. If this process is unsuccessful in removing cat ticks, consult with a vet, as there could be a serious problem that requires expert analysis.
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