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    New Kittens for Sale - Indoors or Outdoors?

    Articlecat health and wellbeingFriday 20 May 2011

    Buying cats for sale requires new owners to think carefully about the level of care they can provide for their new pet. Cat health must be looked after properly in order to keep the kitten healthy and happy. One of the large considerations when you buy kittens is whether you will allow the cat outside or not. A mixture of indoor and outdoor life for a cat is regarded as the best type of arrangement.




    Kittens for Sale – Reasons for Indoor Life

    Sometimes, owners have no choice other than to keep their cats inside for cat health reasons. A cat that has a contagious disease must not be let outside as the illness can be passed on to other cats. Deaf or blind cats must also be kept inside, as outdoors they will not be able to survive. Certain pedigree cats for sale will have to be protected from the outside, especially those that have not got thick enough fur for protection.


    Buy Kittens – Benefits of Indoor Life

    • Neighbours may prefer not to have cats in their gardens, meaning you will have better relations with them
    • Reduced risk of ticks and fleas on your cat
    • Less of a chance of getting injuries from fighting with other cats
    • Improved cat health as less chance of contracting infectious diseases
    • No chance of being run over by a car or going missing
    • Reduced chance of getting poisoned by outdoor chemicals such as slug pellets or anti-freeze
    • Longer average lifespan


    Cats for sale – Disadvantages of Indoor Life

    • Behavioural problems due to a lack of mental stimulation resulting in boredom, frustration and aggression
    • Cat health issues such as obesity and all consequential problems as a result of no exercise
    • Higher risk of cats getting poisoned by indoor chemical products
    • Reduced social development could lead to overdependence on humans and no ability to interact with other cats
    • You will have to make sure windows and doors are closed at all times so that the cat cannot escape
    • If the cat does escape, this will be very serious as he will not be able to cope with the outside world due to no experience
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