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    Most Common Illnesses and How to Avoid Them

    Articlecat health and wellbeingTuesday 25 September 2012


    Here are some of the top illnesses/diseases in cats:


    • Urinary tract infection

    Prevention: Unfortunately, the only way you can actively prevent your cat from getting a urinary tract infection, ironically requires your cat to get the infection. If this is the case, the reoccurrence of the infection can be reduced by lowering stress, maintaining a balanced diet and fluid therapy.

    To reduce stress in your cat, you need to create an environment where your cat feels safe, or a place where he can go to relax where it is quiet and there are not many people. Fluid Therapy is when fluids are managed in the body regularly to keep the bladder clean by removing any toxins.


    • Worms

    Prevention: One way that worms can occur in your pet is forming from fleas. Therefore one preventative action would be to focus on preventing fleas (see below). Try to limit your cats contact with soil as worms eggs can be found here, and teach your cat not to catch birds or rodents as this is a big cause of worms. Make sure to get your cat checked regularly.


    • Kidney disease

    Prevention: One of the biggest errors in looking after cats is their diet. Many illnesses can be prevented from a nutritious, balanced diet, including kidney disease. This diet should provide high levels of protein which can be digested easily.


    • Fleas

    Prevention: As many are probably familiar with, whether from the vet or a friend, the product called Frontline. There are also other well known brands such as Advantage or Program, which are all used for flea protection in cats and dogs. It is very easy to use and the use must be repeated for it to remain effective.


    • Diabetes

    Prevention: Diabetes is another diet controlled illness. It can occur from overfeeding or not feeding your cat the right foods. Be sure you know the ingredients of your cats food before you feed it to them. A good cat food should be high in protein, and if it is a wet food, high in water. Make sure your cats are getting the right nutrients but not too much of it! Cats need less than you would think to maintain their body weight. Read more here:


    Photo by Mohammed Mustafa

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