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    Massaging a Cat

    Articlecat health and wellbeingFriday 20 May 2011

    Massaging a cat is one of the best ways to forge a close relationship with the animal, which is especially good for a new pet. There are a number of reasons beside this to give a cat massage however. It is good for cat health because it increases the blood circulation and overall well-being as well as giving you the opportunity to check the cat’s skin for any abnormalities such as injuries or tumours. This guide outlines how to go about massaging a cat.

    Giving Cat Massages

    •    The first step to giving a cat massage is to simply rest your hands on the animal. This helps to calm down the cat and also to build up a trusting relationship which is especially good if you haven’t owned the cat for very long.

    •    To begin with when giving cat massages, focus on the animal’s favourite areas such as behind the ears, on the neck or under the chin. You know your cat best so start the cat massage where he enjoys it.

    •    When you give are massaging a cat, use a gentle stroking motion this will calm him down and increase the blood flow. Rubbing your palms and fingers over the tissues will do this even more and improve cat health. You should start the cat massage on the back then move to the shoulders, on to the sides and then finally finish on the chest if your cat will let you.

    •    Cat massages are more enjoyable to the animal if you knead the skin very gently by pressing your thumb ad fingers into the tissue in a circular motion. Do this is the same order as you carried out the cat massage in the previous step.

    •    If you can, and your cat enjoys it, you can move the cat massage to the animal’s belly. You should use your judgment with this part of massaging a cat as some will love it while others will hate it and claw your hands and arms.

    •    It is good for cat health if you spend sometime of the cat massage focusing on the animal’s legs. While the cat is on its side or back, flex each paw and rub the pad of the paw. Again, some cats may not take too kindly to this so only start massaging a cat like this if you know it won’t react badly.

    •    When you are massaging a cat, look for any swollen, sensitive or tender areas on the cat’s body as these are indicators of overall cat health. Look for any signs of illness.

    •    It is possible that the cat may react badly if he is in pain or is sick so don’t massage a cat that you know is ill. When massaging a cat and it shows signs of discomfort or aggression, stop straight away.

    •    When you massage a cat, stroke in the direction of the fur on the back, shoulders neck and outside of the legs. For the insides of the limbs, go against the fur as this is the same direction as the blood flow.

    •    If you are giving cat massages and the cat falls asleep, you’ve got your technique right.

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