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    Kittens - When to Visit the Vet

    Articlecat health and wellbeingFriday 20 May 2011

    One of the most common kitten problems that any owner experiences is when to book in a visit to the vet – if the kittens appear healthy, is there any need? And should a regular veterinary check be on the agenda?

    For answers to these questions and further advice on aspects of kitten care, read our guide to kitten veterinary treatment below.



    Kitten Care: Visiting a Specialist Cat Vet

    1.    If you are bringing home a kitten for the first time, it’s essential to book in a check-up at the vet to ensure the kitten is in the best possible health and to ensure no diseases the kitten may be carrying are brought into the family home. Preferably, this visit should be scheduled prior to the kitten’s arrival, but if that’s not a practical option, the kitten should visit a cat vet at least 2 days after being introduced to the home.

    2.    If you own several cats, try and keep the new addition to the family away from older, established family cats as if the cat is carrying diseases, the health of all the other cats in the house could be put in danger. Try and isolate the kitten to one room in the house until the vet has given him the all-clear.

    3.    On the day of the veterinary examination, you can expect the cat vet to carry out a range of test, designed to scrutinise all aspects of the kitten’s health. These tests may include checking the baby teeth for dental health, testing the heartbeat, checking for the presence of a fever, testing mobility and flexibility and checking for the signs of fleas.

    4.    There are no official guidelines for when a kitten should be vaccinated, but general veterinary guidance suggests the kitten should visit the cat vet for this purpose at around 9-10 weeks old. However, if initial tests suggest otherwise, it may be best to book the kitten in for vaccinations even earlier. Learn more about cat vaccinations by clicking the link provided.

    5.    Finally, a brief consideration for common kitten problems and how you should react to them should they arise. General kitten health concerns include watery eyes, a lack of appetite, unusual breathing patterns and uncontrollable sneezing. If your kitten starts to display these symptoms, consult with a veterinary expert as quickly as possible.


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