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    Kittens – How to Groom a Kitten

    Articlecat health and wellbeingThursday 07 April 2011

    It is important to make sure that kittens are kept clean and kitten grooming is the way to do this. Grooming an adult cat can be a tricky task sometimes but kitten grooming can often be harder because kittens are naturally full of energy and a bit fidgety. To provide the kitten’s care effectively, you need to be able to carry out kitten grooming. Read on to find out more about how to groom a kitten.


    Kitten Grooming Advice


    • When you are kitten grooming it is also a good chance to apply flea medicine and the trim the nails of the kitten. You need to try and get the kitten as tired or relaxed as possible before you start the kitten grooming, you do this by playing with the kitten for fifteen to twenty minutes beforehand. After playing, start petting the kitten and scratch behind its ears and scratch it’s neck to relax him even more. If you have a female kitten, scratching her back just before the tail is a good way to relax before kitten grooming. Listen for a loud purring noise to know when to start the next part of the kitten’s care.


    • Make sure the kitten cannot see the brush before you start the kitten grooming as this will scare him. When grooming kittens, keep stroking their back and slowly replace go from stroking to brushing. If the kitten starts to get fidgety again, go back to scratching behind the ears.


    • Your options for giving your kitten flea treatment during the kitten grooming are as follows. There are flea baths available but these are expensive and giving a kitten a bath can be very tricky. Flea spray is a much cheaper and easier option that needs to be applied twice a week. To make the application of this much easier, spray the brush you are using on the kitten with flea spray. This will reduce mess and will keep the kitten calm.


    • Nail trimming is an important part of kitten grooming. This part of the kittens’ care will probably require two people. Use the same method to relax the cat and then begin clipping, make sure you only clip the clear part of the nail to prevent hurting the cat. Buying a cat scratching post for sale will help to keep the kittens’ front claws down. The kittens’ back claws will still need clipping however.


    • Once you have finished the kitten grooming, make sure that you heap plenty of praise onto the kitten and give it a treat, this will help to associate kitten grooming with rewards. When buying kittens for sale try and get them used to kitten grooming from as early an age as possible.


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