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    Kitten Dental Care

    Articlecat health and wellbeingFriday 20 May 2011

    It is very common for cats to suffer from dental problems so caring for your cats teeth is essential. This article will give you some information on cat dental care and how cats teeth can begin to deteriorate.


    Cat Dental Care – Good Cat Dental Care Routine


    You should brush your cats teeth once a week to prevent any build up of plaque. You should make cat dental care a part of your cats routine from when he is young. If your cat is used to having his mouth handled then brushing his cat teeth will be easy and stress free.


    For a brush you can use a baby’s toothbrush, a special toothbrush for cat teeth or a rubber fingertip brush. You should use special cat toothpaste and not human toothpaste. If your cat swallows human toothpaste it can make him ill.


    When to Start Kitten Dental Care


    You should go through the motions of brushing cat teeth from when your cat is under a year old as part of kitten care. For kitten dental care simply use a soft brush with no toothpaste and gently touch the teeth so your kitten gets a feel for it. After the kittens adult teeth have grown fully after a year you can begin to brush the cat teeth properly.


    How to Brush Cat Teeth


    • Wash your hands before you begin.
    • Pull back your cats lips to expose the cat teeth and gums.
    • You need to be careful but firm when you grip the cat or he will wriggle away.
    • Make small circular motions with the brush across the front of the cat teeth. Do not brush behind the cat teeth.
    • Give your cat a treat after the cat dental care is over so he associates brushing his teeth with good things.



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