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    Keeping Your Cat Safe on Bonfire Nights

    Articlecat health and wellbeingFriday 02 November 2012

    Bonfire night is here again and as you know, you can expect many nights the same throughout the month of November. Here are some tips so you are prepare when these nights role around to keep your cat safe.

    Cats are very independent, but during local fireworks and bonfires it is best to keep them indoors to ensure they are safe. This will not only ensure there safely but it will also reduce their stress during the loud fireworks. It is easy for them to get frightened so maintain a calm atmosphere in your house, using the TV or music to mask the noises. 

    Cats like to hide when they feel threatened or if they are frightened, but this is ok. Depending on the nature of your cat, it may like to hide away or it may like the comfort from humans but this can be determined from its usual personality. Be sure to check that your cat is not hiding in the fireplace or anywhere that may be harmful to them as these are common places for cats to hide when they are scared.

    Stay safe and have fun.


    Photo by 'jeff_golden'

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