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    How Your Kitten Sees

    Articlecat health and wellbeingFriday 20 May 2011

    Kittens see the same way that humans see only there are a few key differences. Your kitten has a wider field of vision so that he can sense light and movement with ease. Colour is where the human eye trumps kitten eyes because kittens find it difficult to see colours well and focus on detail. Cats have evolved to have eyes like this because they are nocturnal hunters.


    Kitten Eyes – Light


    Kitten eyes can see in the dark better than humans can because of the shape of their pupils. Kitten eyes have more light gathering cells in their retina which allows them to see better in the dark. Although a kitten can see when there is only a tiny bit of light, like a human, cats cannot see in total darkness.


    Kittens eyes are quite amazing, like human eyes cat’s pupils change in size according to the amount of light available. What kitten eyes can do that human eyes cannot is changing the shape of their pupils. In bright light cat’s eyes will look like slits and in the dark they will be round.


    Kitten Eyes – Colour


    There are two different types of cells in the retina which are called rods and cones. Rods detect light and cones pick up colour. Kittens have lots more rods than cones which explain why he sees in the dark better than humans can.


    Kitten Eyes – Field of Vision


    Kittens have a much better field of vision than humans do. A kitten can see an amazing 285 degrees around his body whereas a human can only see 210 degrees. Kittens, like you, have a blind spot at the back of their head but unlike a human a cat can make up for this by being able to rotate its head nearly all the way round.


    Kitten Eyes – Movement and Detail


    Humans can refocus their eyes on different objects at different distances but cats can only refocus slightly. A cat can see things best between 2 and 6 metres in front of him; a comfortable pouncing distance. Cats can sense movement much better than humans can by noticing subtle changes in light, fast movements that would be blurred to us would be crystal clear to a cat. 


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