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    How To Worm A Cat

    Articlecat health and wellbeingThursday 07 April 2011

    Cat worms are common, especially amongst kittens as some of them are actually born with some sort of worms that they have contracted from the mother. Cat worms can have serious effects on cat health and should be treated as soon as possible, the good news however is that worming is very simple to carry out. This guide outlines how to provide worm treatment to get rid of a cat’s worms.


    Cat Worming

    •    The most common worm treatment for cats is actually a preventative one as it is very easy for a cat to get worms from any fleas they may ingest from a small animal. Generally, the vet will carry out the worming.

    •    All cat owners should be aware of the symptoms of cat worms so that they can spot any potential infestations. The best way to see a cat’s worms is in the faeces. Other notable symptoms of cat worms include increased hunger, weight loss, diarrhoea, vomiting and lethargy. All of these may not be present at the same time.

    •    To correctly diagnose the presence of cat worms and proceed with worming, you should collect a stool sample and take it to a vet who will use a microscope to spot either the cat’s worms themselves or their eggs. Knowing which sort of cat worms are present will help determine the correct worm treatment.

    •    Nearly all worming methods involve the use of medication to kill the cat’s worms. The worm treatment is either topical or oral and it usually only takes one or two doses to completely kill off the cat worms.

    •    It is important to reduce the possibility of the cat worms returning, especially if your cat hunts live prey. Therefore, you should consider starting your cat on a regular flea treatment program which should negate the need for further worming. Another way to determine cat health is to have yearly faecal examinations done to see if there is a need for any further worm treatment.

    •    Eating small rodents is one of the main ways that cat worms find their way into the animal so try and keep your cat indoors to prevent this.

    •    Worm treatment that is available from a vet is much better at worming than the over the counter products. To maintain the cat health, only use medication supplied by a vet.

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