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    How to Trim Cat Claws

    Articlecat health and wellbeingThursday 07 April 2011

    Cat claw trimming is a necessary part of maintaining the health of a pet cat. If cat claws get too long they get caught in fabric, causing damage to the claws. If you trim cat claws when needed, you could also prevent your cat from harming himself during grooming. Clipping claws is not something a lot of cats will like, so being as quick as you can will be useful. Some cats may not have a problem with it though. For tips on cat claw trimming, see the following information.

    You Will Need:
    •    Cat treats
    •    Helper
    •    Light
    •    Pet claw clippers
    •    Towel

    Before you trim cat claws, wait for a time when the cat is feeling sleepy and relaxed. Do not wake a cat if it is fully asleep though.

    Bring all the necessary items listed above for clipping claws to the cat. If you have a friend to help, assign one person to hold the cat and one to do the cat claw trimming. If you have no helper, plan how you will keep the cat down and trim cat claws at the same time.

    Clipping Claws
    If your cat protests when you touch his paws, wrap one half of his body in a towel. This should prevent him for attacking. Put the cat in your lap and curl your body over him so that you can get close to the paw.

    Squeeze the paw so that the cat claws extend. Hopefully you will be able to see the dark quick that is inside of the cat claws. If you cannot, then only trim the tip of a claw. Take the tip of the claw firmly, place it into the opening of the clippers and squeeze it quickly.

    Trim cat claws in this way on all that need doing. When cat claw trimming is complete, let your pet away and reward him with nice and tasty treats. Over time, this process should become easier.

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